The KuyKendall Phone Stalking Case:

As we are in the process of building our platform, we will be providing short web series through both Youtube and on this website until then. We are providing an extension of our podcast called “Strange Cases: Unfolded”, which offers a traditional campfire style story telling for the next couple of weeks. Stay tune as our official podcast will launch in early 2021!

For this week, we will cover the story of the Kuykendall phone stalker case. The case focuses on a group of people whom are struck with threatening phone calls that will continue to persist for the next four months. Listen to this bone chilling true story as detectives still aim to determine who is the culprit behind this madness.

During the howling winter months of 2007 in Fircrest, Washington, a series of strange phone calls began to terrorize the Kuykendall family. Each of the family members kept receiving terrifying phone calls from a source unknown to them. To this day, the case is still unsolved and not one person can be pinned as a definite suspect. Will they ever be able to solve the mystery behind the other line? Let’s date back to the very beginning of this case and see for ourselves. 

The incident randomly began with a sixteen year old girl named Courtney Kuykendall. It all happened when her cell phone sent the most random messages to her close friends. At first, they appeared to be no more than just a mere immature prank. Courtney’s friends collectively received one word texts with derogatory terms. After getting such a message, the friends then approached Courtney and questioned her intentions of doing it. But, this baffled Courtney. Not because of how immature the prank seemed to be, but it was the fact that she didn’t send any of those texts. Unfortunately though, the texts served no purpose in solving any of the future mysteries.

Right after the suspicious prank, Kuykendall’s family also started to receive alarming phone calls themselves. The calls came on a daily basis. However, no identity ever came to surface when figuring out who this caller was. So eventually, the family referred to the caller as “Restricted” since this was the only information that they could gather from the caller ID. The conversations carried throughout time grew more and more threatening. Each moment when a person answered their phone, “Restricted” would threaten to kill or rape a family member, including the grandparents. The ominous scratchy voice dives further into detail by describing how he’ll slit their throats one by one. The caller would also go as far as threatening to attack the schools that the kids attended and even swore to murder their pets. Whether it was through cellular or landline, the messages never took a moment to stop. 

Heather Kuykendall once claimed in an interview that the stalkers would say this to them repeatedly. “They say you’re going to die, we hate you, we’re going to murder you.”

The family got desperate in attempting to stop the insanity. The family at one point changed their phone numbers, turned it off, and even signed up for a new account twice. Sadly though, the efforts made failed to slow down their stalker. If anything, the circumstances grew stranger for Courtney.

Want to know what happens next? Listen to the rest of the story through our video below!

Sources from the scary case can be found through the links below:………

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